[off topic] Sound related game idea, possible title "Find my eyes"

For my senior project this past fall I created something where I simply wanted to get real-time synthesis integrated with Unity. I ended up leveraging Pd to do this.

Now any thoughts on this game premise? How would you build a JUCE Unity plugin to make this work?
Find my eyes:

A 2d platformer where the goal of the game is to find your eyes,

but you must echolocate to find your way at first until you can see. The challenge is that in order to

The game uses the enviornment around you to bounce off of the

enviornment around you; yet the catch is that you must use synthesis to make this happen.

Ironically as you begin to level up,

the games field of view begins to improve.

The game also does not start with any music, it is procedurally

generated based on how the player behaves.

Check this out for inspiration;

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