Offering $200 USD for a program to generate random Midi phrases

Offering $200 USD for a program to generate random Midi phrases.

Notes will only be in the Key of C on a standard scale and in a customizable range.

Randomization will be applied to the tones and rhythm.

Duration of notes will be random and range of duration needs to be customizable.

(eg. ranging from semiquavers to whole notes)

Only 1 melodic phrase to be generated per pass but the length of the phrase needs to be customizable.

(eg. 4 beats up to 8 beats)

Also needs to have some simple artificial intelligence in note choices:

eg. not making multiple large leaps in the same direction

Ideally should not require any knowledge of programming languages on my part.

This program is not going to be for sale, but only my own private use.

I would greatly appreciate your interest if this is something you are capable of making.

Please email me at


Out of curiousity are you looking for Johann Fux style counterpoint or something more free and modern?