Offering Audio Plug-ins for Free Download

I have just created my first VST audio plug-in. I call it Multiverb and it produces a reverb effect that can be controlled by the user. I built it by simply following the straightforward directions from the Juce web site. I have posted MY source code (not the Juce-generated stuff, even with my modifications) on GitHub. Now I would like to offer the plug-in as a free download, or maybe after I dress it up a bit more or add some pre-sets. I am not sure how to do this. Can I just make the .dll file available? What's the usual procedure?



A dll is enough if you add a short installation guide. You should make a 32 and 64 bit dll.

An installer has the advantage that you can show an end-user license agreement. I'm using the WIX installer for my windows installation packages:

Just make a zip file with your DLL and a readme.txt containing all the necessary info. Offer a separate download for each supported platform. Many users, who are likely to test a lot of plugins, prefer simple zip files and manual install/uninstall i.e. copy/delete the DLL into/from the VST plugins folder. There's 1 in a 1000 who can't already do this, so give them the instructions in the readme.txt. Then you'll have a few users, who've never heard of plugins before, asking how to use it. Those you can guide to the right path without too much trouble. :)