Ogg quality setting more precise


Right now you get 3 settings, is it possible to make an additional method that takes a float for a quality setting and passes it directly to the vorbis lib, instead dividing the q/0.5 like i saw in the code.

i’d like to use a bit granular quaility setting for sending ogg encoded data across network.


I was trying to make the quality control simple and generic, but TBH it’d probably be better if each format could present a list of strings or something describing what it’s capable of, and then choose from those.


i don’t think that strings, maybe an array of INTs of FLOAT’s like Vorbis does, that’s just the quality setting, i don’t think there can be any other representation of a quality setting for an audio codec, then a number.

anyway, more precision here would be nice.


I like the enumeration of strings approach better than an arbitrary numeric scale. The former is better equipped for MP3 encoding, where you often have the choice between CBR and VBR, not to mention various other encoder settings that affect quality.