Ohm Force plugins initial GUI display

First off, thanks for Juce, it’s certainly making our lives easier around here.

I have written a wrapper that uses Juce to host AudioUnits and VSTs within our
modular audio application. It’s all working well but I have encountered an
issue with Ohm Force’s effects. When I instantiate the editor and setVisible(),
the plugin’s UI appears correctly. Then a bit later, the window is filled white.
If I move the window slightly, the UI is redrawn correctly. These plugins look
fine in Ableton Live and also in the old version of my wrapper (which is an
AU host only and uses the native AudioUnit API).

I’m using Mac OSX 10.5.8, recent Juce (this happens with the tip as well as
the one we are using in our build). The problem occurs with both VST and
AU versions of these plugins in my host.

The problem is easily reproducible with the Plugin Host demo app. For example
load up Frohmage AU, which is free to download from Ohm Force.

Any clues?

Thanks in advance,

I remember seeing that happen too, but never got to the bottom of what was causing it… It can be very tricky with plugins to guess what’s going on inside them when they behave strangely.