Old jucer new jucer

I’ve decided that I owe the world a new juce tutorial; Juce has changed so much that I fear the old one might be making things more confusing for newcomers than if they just tried to do things by themselves!

The new jucer is a great opportunity for making things simple, and I’d like to cover that. However, I’d also like to have a chapter near the start covering the RAD aspect from the old jucer. Given that the old tutorial has filled up with spiders, I’m wary of covering the old jucer at this point, due to its impending obsolecense. So, I’m wondering how much life there is left in ol’ grandpa radtool before he becomes old news, rendering any documentation on it ‘unhip’ with the ‘times’.


Yes, I’d certainly recommend not saying too much about the old jucer, the future lies elsewhere!

Yeah, I figured it’d be surpassed into dust. Without wanting to sound like I’m eager to play with the new RAD implementation, do you have any kind of idea when it might make an appearance? I’ve had a few ideas for different ways of introducing things (e.g. examining jucer generated files), but naturally it’s a bit tricky to judge how best to cover that, not knowing how the replacement will differ. If it’s born in a distant future, I may just start putting together a framework for the chapters based on the current tool. If we may see a glimpse of it sooner, I might just hold off til then. I can see it as a valuable thing to refer to though, as it will make it a lot easier to cement concepts and implementation details for the reader (I.e., “to achieve this thing I’ve just interacted with requires this code”, instead of “this code I just wrote appears to have had this effect”).

Also, am I right in assuming that the juce downloader will ultimately be distributed prebuilt? It’d certainly help newcomers to have a ‘get juce’ button instead of having to learn how to set up Git first!

Hey Haydxn !

That’s a great idea ! Your old tutorial was awesome, and even though it was outdated, it greatly helped me getting started with juce.

Do you need/want help for your new one ? I was thinking : maybe Jules could setup a simple wiki on rawmaterialsoftware.com, and you Haydxn, could write the framework. This way, any user (or, a group of users selected by jules) could write bits of documentation. Having a kind of collaborative “getting started” page on this web site would help the users a lot, and would remove so many threads like “Getting started ? How ?” on the forum :slight_smile:

In case Jules doesn’t want or has time to setup the wiki, I can do it on my website. I was just thinking it would make more sense to have it on rawmaterial software.

Not sure how I’d integrate a wiki into the current website, which is all based around phpbb, I don’t think my web coding skills would be up to that challenge!