Older iOS app only shows a small square of the UI in upper left corner

Hey Juce folks

I have an old (built with Juce 3.0.8) iOS app on the App Store. Apple is now requiring developers to resubmit older apps with a couple of changes in order to keep them live on the store. You must a) build with the iOS 13 SDK and b) use an xCode storyboard as your launch screen.

Since these are potentially minor changes I decided to just try to move forward with my existing Juce (3.0.8) modules rather than upgrading to the latest and rebuilding the project. (I have the project building on the latest version of Juce with some new features, but don’t want to hurry that for this update since there are still some bugs to work out).

I’ve added the new launch screen, and the project builds with the new SDK. However when the UI loads in the simulator I can only see an approximately 100 x 100 square section of the UI in the upper left corner of the screen. The rest of the screen is black. Does anyone have any suggestions of what might cause this, or where I should look? Just wondering if anyone has run into a similar issue.


Figured it out. This one line of code needed to be removed from UIViewComponentPeer

window.autoresizesSubviews = NO;

It looks like this is related to a screen rotation issue introduced in iOS 13 which has already been fixed in the latest version of Juce. But if anyone runs into this issue, now you know.