On VirtualMidiDevice / UI as a controller


My app uses a pad-based UI widget (64 pads, multiple “banks” of pads), to send MIDI to various tracks. So far I’ve been creating new and unique Virtual MIDI devices on each of these tracks. While this works as expected, adding a new track while recording or playing back (ie: a users loading a new track), while interrupt the playback.

I tried pre-creating an amount of virtual MIDI devices beforehand (while creating/loading a new Edit), and connecting the devices to the tracks dynamically. This works but I feel there’s a better solution to this problem.

Is there any other means to route UI MIDI events directly to tracks? Or, alternatively, is there a way to instantiate a new VirtualMidiDevice without stopping the playback ? I know AudioTrack’s create their own VirtualMidiDevice (of type trackMidiDevice) without affecting playback.

Thanks in advance,

Bump! I hate to do this but this is a important design question for my app :slight_smile: