Ongoing spinner animation

I have to create spinning animation using svg image for ongoing login process. How I can achieve this animation ?

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This is a vague question. Is there one question or two? a) how do I rotate an svg to use as a spinning graphic, and/or how do I display a spinning graphic until a long process has completed?

You’re right, it’s a bit vague, to clarify -

I’d like to use a nice, custom SVG animation but I’m sure how it’s possible to replicate the animations using keyframes and interpolating between them. Would I have to do this manually on the points in the path, or is there a way around this using some build in svg functionallity in juce that I’m unaware of?

I haven’t animated an svg in juce, but I think my initial approach would be to use an AffineTransform to do the rotation.

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Check this code -

Even if you have your own custom SVG(s). this is an example how to do it.
you just need to repaint with a timer…