Open GL how to replace Paint?


I’ve worked on a plugin for the last year and am close to a release. However, when my plugin is open the Daw’s graphics freeze. Although it works beautifully.

Is it really as simple as attaching an opengl context to the editor component?

I’ve done my research and I don’t know what else to do for simple image rendering, besides reduce the size of the images. Don’t get me wrong it has around 15mb attached to paint method in terms of images being drawn at 50Hz.

My question is how to use opengl as a paint replacement, and draw an image within opengl?

So I just ran some tests, and it really is that simple… I think!

Wow, this is beautiful!

If I’m missing something please let me know!

Yes, it is that simple :slight_smile:
Just attach the OpenGL Context to the PluginEditor and then all of its components are going to use the GL renderer.

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I Love THIS!!!