OpenGL and "first clicks"

when attaching an OpenGL context to the demo plugin’s editor:


the plugin no longer responds to “first clicks”. I’ll explain what I mean by that:

  • create two plugin instances and open the guis of both of them.
  • after playing with one instance’s gui, try to drag a slider in the other.
  • it will not work
  • but now, after this one click on the window, mouse clicks and drags in it will work. (scroll wheel events however always work)
    (tested on Logic 9.1.7 on OS X 10.8.2)

If I attach the context to “gainSlider” (apart from not looking as nice as now it gets drawn on stuff other than the proper background) it only exhibits such behavior for first clicks on the gain slider.

Is this behavior expected?

Cheers, Yair

Try it again now…

Works great now, thx Jules!