OpenGL demo

from the OpenGLDemo I see in the constructor:

            : doBackgroundDrawing (false),
              scale (0.5f), rotationSpeed (0.0f), rotation (0.0f),
              textureToUse (nullptr)
MainWindow::getMainAppWindow()->setRenderingEngine (0)

is it possible to use the OpenGL rendering engine instead of switching to the software-renderer? I tried on windows 7 74 bit and it seems not to render correctly.

 My guess is that there will be two OpenGLContext (with two threads) that could have problems since they are overlapping. Am I right?


The demo lets you flip between all the different rendering engines at any time - there are key shortcuts to do that if you look at the key mappings page.

And yes, that line is just there to make sure that it doesn't mess up by using two GL contexts at once.