OpenGL fallback


One of my clients is using a slightly older machine and is hitting errors. My FFT view component uses openGL and on 32bit build hits an error “nvoglv32.dll is not desigined to run…” and on 64 bit build everything’s fine except the component doesn’t show.

What’s the best way for checking at run time and using software fallback. Is was under the impression this was done under the hood but clearly something funky monkey going on. Paying client so would like to sort instead of saying go buy a new machine :wink:


No nice/easy way for testing. we tried some flows check if opengl extensions available / etc but that was never reliable enough.

With nVidia though many times I’ve been able to resolve issue by:

  • updated driver.
  • on laptops with multiple GPUs you can try the other graphics card by right clicking your host and explicitly selecting a GPU.

We now have flags/settings file to allow turn OpenGL off if needed.


That was my next thought is just to have a toggle in the settings menu to use openGL context or not. Not the end of the world.