OpenGL issue with latest mods

Hi Jules,

Just wanted to let you know that with latest modification regarding region, when using the native window title bar in the juce demo and OpenGL renderer,
I have a lots of black rectangle blinking when there is some animation.

As well, I am able to reproduce the crash, from juce_OpenGLGraphicsContext.cpp:1035
// NB: If you get a random crash in here and are running in a Parallels VM, it seems to be a bug in
// their driver… Can’t find a workaround unfortunately.

  1. Launch Juce demo
  2. use native title bar
  3. use openGL renderer
  4. switch to OpenGl Demo using the menu

almost every two times ir crashes

Windows 7 64bits GeForce GTX 650 Recent Driver (


Thanks. Having a bit of a ‘WTF’ moment trying to figure out what the hell’s going wrong here, but will get it sorted asap!