openGL MML issue


Hey Jules -


First off - openGL is working very well lately, thanks for all the hard work!

I have just one issue.

In an application with multiple windows (one main window, and some non-modal temporary windows added to the desktop), the openGLContext seems to hit an assertion on shutdown (in the MessageManagerLock.cpp 317).  The full stack goes through GLContext::CAchedImage::renderframe() .... so clearly, it's trying to render despite being in shutdown.


My guess here is that adding a secondary window to the desktop adds a second openGLContext, which uses the same MML of course?

I assume that when the primary window gets the close signal, it stops it's own context from rendering, but does not stop the other context?

Sound possible?




Sorry, can't really think what's going on.. Have you made sure that you detached the contexts cleanly before closing the windows?

I think for me to understand what's happening you'd need to give me some example code that reproduces it.



Yeah, turns out I was off base on this one.  I can get the issue sometimes even with one window.


I'm definitely detaching it right away (and then deleting the context).  

But there must be some sort of race condition in there (I only get this error ~10% of the time).

Also, it doesn't cause a crash .. just the assertion.


Not sure, but I'll drop a line here if I figure it out :)