OpenGL not working (black screen) on x64 Windows with Ableton Live

I’ve been reported that OpenGL doesn’t work on all hosts on Windows x64, but it often works if the plugin is running as 32 bit version in bridged mode. This seems to be a problem with older integrated Intel graphics chips. I was finally able to get my hands on a computer with which I can reproduce the problem. GUI works properly in Reaper x64, but asserts to line 344 in juce_OpenGLContext.cpp on Ableton Live 9.

On debugging, it seems that the OpenGLHelpers::getExtensionFunction doesn’t find the proper addresses with wglGetProcAddress(). On Reaper, the addresses point to ig4icd64.dll which seems to be related to the Intel driver, but on Ableton, all of the wgl calls return a nullpointer.

This seems like a needle in the haystack, and I’m not sure where to look next. Any suggestions on what could be the problem, so that I could do more checks? Has anyone else encountered this?

I remember this bug vaguely from a few months back. I think the only thing that worked was if the users updated their intel graphics drivers. Seems like a driver bug to me.

Thank you for response fabian!

Yeah I reckon it is a driver bug, however, there seems to be a lot of people affected. One of the customers reported that he had updated to the newest version of the drivers and that’s when this started to happen.

What also confuses me is the fact that this only happens with some hosts, and only on the x64 build. I’ve provided a setting to disable the OpenGl as a workaround, but as the plugin is rendering a real time spectrum, this gets very heavy on the CPU.

If I understand correctly, the memory locations that wgl returns are from the system (COM?), right? Or could this be tinkered with?