OpenGL Robustness

I'm wondering how robust Juce's OpenGL support is to different hardware and software configs?  In particular: 

1. Will Juce auto-magically fall back to software rendering if the appropriate OpenGL hardware is not available?
2. Or will the OS/video driver just switch to it's own software OpenGL emulation?
3. Or will the application crash and burn?
4. Is there an easy way to programmatically switch between OpenGL and software rendering?  It looks like if I don't set a renderer for the Open GLContext (setRenderer) then Juce falls back to software rendering.  I'm thinking about adding a registry key in case a particular user runs into compatibility issues.  Or I could handling querying of what OpenGL hardware is available.
5. For testing purpose does anyone know how to disable OpenGL (system wide or per application) on OSX and Win7?  On Windows I have an NVidia driver, but I don't see a setting for this in the control panel.  I've also heard disabling Aero will turn some of the hardware accelerations, such as OpenGL.


Whether or not it falls back to a software renderer depends entirely on the OS and the GL drivers. Obviously juce can't provide a software 3D engine itself as a fallback.

If you're just using the GL 2D renderer, there's no problem of course - if it fails to attach the GL renderer fail then it'll still run happily with a software renderer.

Thanks for the info.  Ya, I'm just doing basic 2D graphics, so that sould work for me.