OpenGLApp RenderingScale

Hi, I’m building some aax plug-in app with OpenGLAppComponent and I got a question for Rendering Scale.
Usually I multiply a renderingScale to viewport’s width and height as shown as Juce Demo.
But when there are two or more display which has different renderingScale, some problems occur.
I admit it works well most of common case but it also has critical zone which happen to get a wrong renderingScale.

this is normal case

and this is the problem case when renderingScale got wrong when window is laid over two display(different renderingScale)

While dragging a plug in window, it seems OpenGL context choose a viewport according to a display which mouse pointer is on but renderingScale seems determined by checking boundary between component’s centre position and display.

It would be sweet if I could know a mouse position while I dragging a plug in window but I cannot find any call back function to do it.(I Override a isMoved() callback on PluginEditor class but it didn’t work.)

Please let me know any idea of this.

Thank you.