OpenGLAppExample Crashes on iOS

I’m using a freshly pulled copy of Juce 4.3.1. with the most recent version of xCode (Version 8.0 (8A218a)).

I built a new version of Projucer and opened OpenGLAppExample.
Then did Save Project and Open in IDE… for iOS.
Then build and run it with exactly the unchanged demo project.
It crashes.

The most recent Juce code executed was

UIViewComponentPeer::getBounds on line 661 of UIViewComponentPeer. This is early in the initialization process.

The demo app was crashing for me in a slightly earlier version of Juce so I went through a complete update but it still crashes.

My standalone Juce app uses OpenGL and I need to port it to iOS so it’s important I can have confidence OpenGL is reliable on iOS before I start into the conversion which is why I’m testing OpenGLAppExample.

Any idea what the problem is?

Thanks for reporting. This is now fixed on develop with this commit.

Thanks! It works for me now.