OpenGlContext::CachedImage::invalidate via repaint on background thread crashes

I’m getting random crashes around the CachedImage’s visibleArea RectangleList. I think it’s because I’m calling repaint from a background thread without a message lock.

Is it supposed to be safe to call repaint from a background thread? If not, can we get an assert to check for the lock?

(internalRepaintUnchecked asserts for the lock when the heavyweight peer flag is set, but none otherwise)

Yeah, repaint’s not safe to call without the MM lock - good point, I’ll add an assertion!

Just updated to the tip of develop: now Component::internalRepaintUnchecked asserts all the frikking time!

Just tried resaving my app with a new build of the Projucer, which apparently some pool is used to draw components - and this pool isn’t locking the MM.