Opening a component from plugineditor

Another newbie question. Maybe it is good to make a newbie section of this forum for newbies like me, so I do not clutter all the relevant information with my questions.

From the pluginEditor I want to make a component that is opened by pushing a knob. I made a new component using the jucer. I added “the Jucer” NewJucerComponent.cpp and .h files to the source. I added NewJucerComponent.h to the includes of PluginEditor.h and made a knob and the Buttonclicked section, like:

[code]if (B == ERSButton)


What should I put here? NewJucerComponent myComponent; ?
When I try that I get a linker error. What Do I do wrong? What are the obvious things I miss?

Thanks in advance!


After studying the Juce demo, I found some solutions using the AlertWindow.