Opening, exporting and savingall .jucer projects?

Hello all,

is there any way of using the introjucer in command line mode (or similar?) to update and export all my projects? We recently changed the root of our juce folder and now I find myself looking at about 30 jucer projects which need to be opened, “exported” (i.e. creating all files) and resaved…

  • bram

Yeah, I use a script to do that. I think if you call it with “–help” it’ll list its command syntax.

D:\dev\ExternalRepositories\Utilities\win32>Introjucer.exe --help D:\dev\ExternalRepositories\Utilities\win32>

Mmmm, nop! :slight_smile:
Or does this only work on mac?

By the way, unrelated but really annoying: before I managed to register the introjucer as the default for opening .jucer files (on windows!), that no longer seems to be working. Colleague tried it on his computer, no luck either.

  • Bram

Oh, well maybe it’s just “help”, I can’t remember exactly… You can look in jucer_CommandLine.cpp and it’s all pretty clear.

Are you talking about OSX or PC for the file association problem?

File association problem > windows

Re. the command line: as far as I figured out a few weeks back an app can;t be both command line and window-based in windows…
So I suppose this is OSX only.

  • bram

Bram, did you miss my reply to that thread?

I mix CLI and UI in windows often. In fact the app I’m working starting to build out at the moment relies on that ability. I gave a code example in reply to your previous post, but the essence is:

If the application is started form the common line, you can detect that and attach to the command line window, otherwise you spawn a new DOS window. Once you have a handle to a DOS window you can redirect std::cout and friends accordingly.

(I have no idea if it works in W8 mind you).