Opening vst using Leap motion on reaper windows

Hi all, 

Our plugin is successfully using the Leap motion SDK on mac os, but i'm having a hard time making it work on windows. On mac, I set up everything related to the Leap library with the introjucer, and in xcode I have the Leap.dylib copied into the bundle as a post-build event, and it works great.

I'm trying to do something similar with Leap.dll on windows.  I set up the introjucer to use the leap libraries, and set a post-build event to copy leap.dll in my output directory. The juce plugin host has no problems opening the plugin and the leap works.

But Reaper fails to open my vst. It can open the plugin when I comment everything related to the leap sdk. so this tells me that the problem is related to the Leap motion. Most probably Reaper fails to use Leap.dll when it loads my vst (my post-build script puts the 2 in my vst folder). I tried to put my Leap.dlls (the x86 and x64 version) respectively in C:\Windows\System32 and C:\Windows\SysWOW64, and registering them using regsvr32, but I get an error saying the DLLRegistryServer entry point is not found. I don't know much about .dlls and COMs but the problem seems to be that Leap.dll is not a COM and thus cannot be registered in this way ( 

What am I doing wrong? How am I supposed to use external .dlls with vsts on windows?