Organising modules

Hi, is it possible to nest modules or do they all have to be at the same, top level to be picked up?


The projucer will search a module folder recursively for files so yes, things will go wrong if you try nesting them!

That doesn’t mean you can’t organise them hierarchically if you have a lot of them… a tree of folders containing modules is a perfectly good way to lay them out, I’d have thought.

hi - that’s what I just tried and didn’t seem to be picking them up which I why I asked - will have another go shortly. thx for the reply

ok, so seems to pick modules up 1 level down, but not 2, i.e.

modules/mymod is fine,
modules/cat1/mymod if fine
modules/cat1/subcat/mymod doesn’t get picked up

I think we had to limit the depth as unsuspecting users would occasionally put the module search path as the root of their hard drive, which in turn ground the Projucer to a halt when searching. Perhaps we could lift this limitation if we know we’re already inside a module…

I don’t think there’s any way to tell this is there are you could just be in any folder hierarchy. Maybe the presence of a sentinel file in a folder saying that subdirectories of this folder should be searched? This should avoid the root drive issue and allow multiple levels to be used…

Hi, also, sometimes I can add the module in Projucer and then it says it can’t be found. Basically, not having modules at the top level doesn’t really seem to work.


@t0m - any updates/thoughts on this? thx

You can add multiple user modules paths separated by a semicolon so if you add all of the subfolders it should pick the modules up.