OSC Color type support (and possibly T/F/Array as well)

More and more applications using OSC are supporting the color type.
It would be nice to have the support for the “unofficial” OSC types such as color.

I modified the juce OSC classes so i could send OSC colors and everything is working well, would be great to see it integrated in JUCE for sending and receiving !

Here are my mods :

In juce_OSCArgument.h , new constructor
OSCArgument(uint32 value) noexcept : type(OSCTypes::color), colorValue(value) {}
and at the bottom of the same file :

    int32 intValue;
    float floatValue;
    uint32 colorValue;

in juce_OSCTypes.h :

static const OSCType int32;
static const OSCType float32;
static const OSCType string;
static const OSCType blob;
static const OSCType color;

static bool isSupportedType (OSCType type) noexcept
    return type == OSCTypes::int32
        || type == OSCTypes::float32
        || type == OSCTypes::string
		|| type == OSCTypes::blob
		|| type == OSCTypes::color;