OSX 10.5 SDK supported?

Is the 10.5 SDK still supported by JUCE for AU builds?

It’d be useful to develop a “supported platforms” support/wiki section for audiounits, vst2/3, and AAX plugs.

I’m the grabbing 10.7 SDK now, and will post my results after an attempt.

You always want the latest sdk. Just change your Deployment Target to 10.5

After a bit of research, I got this figured. Thanks for the help. 10.5 as a deployment target causes errors during stdlib linking - switching the deployment target to 10.7 corrected the issue. (stdlib and c++11 force 10.7 for me)

I remember looking into this a while ago, and finding a way to use c++11 with osx 10.6 but it looked laborious and the need was not great enough for me to push to get it to work.