OSX 10.6.8 monospaced font bug

When using the default monospaced font provided by JUCE, the font is not visible. You need to change the font to Courier or Courier New and it appears, but the default is transparent, you can see that on the screenshot of a fresh git-pull/Introjucer build i did on 10.6.8 with Xcode 4.2. This is not an issue on 10.7 and above.


The default monospaced font is “Menlo” - perhaps that’s just not installed by default on 10.6.8?

It looks like it’s there.


Strange. Do any of the other fonts work!?

Some do some don’t, from the list in the screenshot here are the results (switching only the combo for the font name, didn’t touch anything else):
Default Monospaced: not working
Andale Mono: working
Ayuthaya: not working
Courier: not working
Courier new: working
Meno: not working
Moncao: not working
PCMyungjo: working

(oh yeah, the same issue was reported to me on Linux)

Notice that the font sizes are ok, selecting the text in the code editor is fine, the glyph sizes are calculated ok, it’s just the font is transparent.

Have to admit I’m a bit mystified by that… Not having time to put together a 10.6 system and debug it myself, I’m not sure what to suggest…

I changed the name of the default font to Courier New in juce_mac_Fonts.mm. It works i can see the font but it’s italic for some reason. I guess Courier New is better anyway since the list is now the same as iOS so it’s more consistent, but i don’t know why it’s italic.

I just can’t think why CoreText would fail to load some fonts like that… I wonder if it’s a bug in the 10.6 implementation of CoreText.