OSX 10.8 Base SDK

Hey Jules, can we get 10.8 as an option for Base SDK?  Xcode 5 appears to require it.

Edit:  My genius self just clued into the "Use Default" option.

It's a legitimate request - soon we'll all be using 10.9. So thanks for reminding me, I'll add it!

Please also see my problems with XCode 5 - http://www.juce.com/forum/topic/caution/help-wanted-regarding-xcode-version-50 (I can't see how to insert links in the new forum?)

How are you getting on with it, yourself? Do you use any external libraries in your Juce project?

Hi Tom, aside from a random crash it's been good so far and feels like they've made some nice performance improvements.  I don't have any external dependencies though and would gather that my environmental requirements are probably on the simple side compared to some projects.

Good to know!

When I get some spare time, I'll redo the upgrade in a more controlled fashion and report back.