OSX Event manager conflict?

Hello to the community,
Here is the description of my problem, which occurs only on MACOSX (almost any version up to 10.8).

I use Juce in a modular vst/au host context with several devices compiled as dylib.

There are :

  • audio.dylib which is only a wrapper to sound cards settings (no GUI)
  • midi.dylib which is only a wrapper to all MIDI in/out settings (no GUI)
  • plugins.dylib witch is a plugins wrapper used to load plugins.

Normally all dylib should be totally independent but in fact it’s not the case:
Some plugs created themselves with JUCE are in conflict with the audio.dylib device. For example, it seems that audio.dylib hooks mouse events of plugs loaded in the plugins.dylib.
But in some cases it leads to a big crash after an hard graphic conflict.

It looks very strange for me because, the audio.dylib doesn’t have any GUI so is not supposed to receive mouse event, neither graphic stuffs.

My conclusion is that the audio.dylib shares some GUI events with some plugs (made themselves with JUCE), probably the same event manager ?

So my question is what should I do to be sure that any plug loaded in the plugin wrapper will not enter in conflict with the audio.dylib event manager?

I’ve tried many compilation/linking flags without success. I’ve also tried to compile the audio.dylib without basic-GUI headers but the compilation fails because the audio.dylib needs it even if is doesn’t have any GUI.

I can send the source if needed.

Thanks for your help.

Try toggling symbol visibility fo false

whaoo, exactly that, you make my day (maybe my week) !
Thanks a lot.

probably best to add as well

Thanks again, I’ll try for sure++++