OSX/Introjucer: Injecting dependencies into bundle

Hey everyone,

our app(s) depend on some libraries, some of which we built ourselves. Those libs need to be injected into the .app bundle (for example in XYZ.app/Contents/Frameworks/), they are already built with the right rpath (@executable_path/…/Frameworks/libname.dylib). Now I’m wondering how to combine this with the introjucer. If there was a post-build script I could run I could just copy the libs into the right location, but there isn’t. So: is there another option to do this?

  • bram

I almost got this working with @rpath instead of @executable_path but there is still trouble:

for running from xcode I would be able to set the rpath in xcode as:


The first would then be when debugging from xcode (however Juce defines the SRCPATH relative, not absolute, so I’m lost again), the second could then be for when I distribute the application, i.e. including the libraries in the application bundle.
Is there any reason why Juce defines SRCROOT as a relative path where as xcode defines an absolute SRCPATH by default?

  • bram