OSX menu question



Is is possible (and how) to add entries to the global OSX application menu typically where one can find About, Preferences, Quit…?

using MenuBarModel it seems that’s it’s only possible to add new menus like File, Edit.

any idea?


I’m also curious about it, we want to put preferences menu in the application menu in OSX.

  • Masa


When I was writing the menu code, I never found any way of doing it except by adding things to the application bundle’s resources. I guess it could be possible in Cocoa, but couldn’t be done in Carbon.



Seems its tough to do even in Cocoa without resources!

BTW: On the cocoa tip, Jules, be VERY wary of using categories when you move stuff over(I read in a previous post I think). One of my plugins used categories and cocoa, and worked well in Carbon apps like ProTools, but in Garageband…and Logic now… shudder. I ended up having to rename all my categories to try to ensure they wouldn’t collide with the “host” app!


Thanks for the tip. Don’t worry - I intend to keep my use of obj-C to an absolute bare minimum!