OSXFrameworks in JUCE module can't be comma separated (contradicting documentation)

I found an issue where a custom JUCE module was requiring some OSXFrameworks, and separating them by commas. According to the JUCE module format documentation, comma-separation is valid…


(Optional) A list (space or comma-separated) of OSX frameworks that are needed by this module

However, when a project is created from the Projucer this way, you end up with an empty or ‘broken’ framework:

Screenshot 2023-02-28 at 21.22.33

and the project will fail to build saying Framework Not Found.

I see no need for the modules to support comma-separation, so maybe best to just update the documentation here?

This seems minor but I spent a fair while chasing it down so I expect someone else might too!

I’ve tested this by adding commas to one of the standard JUCE modules and I get the same result.


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Seems like the Projucer supports either comma- or space-separated strings, but not comma-space-separated. A simple fix is to add


after line 143 in jucer_Modules.cpp, if the Projucer is meant to support comma–space separated framework strings (which - in my opinion - it should).

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