[OT] Jack hardware support

Jack doesn’t seem to have a device support database?

Any recommendations for jack compatible hardware? I’m planning on trying FFADO with Echo’s Echofire 8/12 firewire boxes, and hopefully get the Echo MIA/Midi cards I already have working, but I’d also like:

a PCI or PCIe card with a lot of channels,
a USB box with 2-4 balanced inputs and outputs


well, everything that works with those backends:


should be ok for jack, as it is built on those driver backends.

so if you would like to run ffado (formerly freebob) the you should look in the ffado supported card list instead.


ps. i’m using a echo gina3g with jack at 1.5ms latency using Renoise + Jost and i’m pretty happy with it…

Thanks. Gina is discontinued, unfortunately - especially since we have MIA cards, and like the look of Echofire.

I’ve been looking at the ffado list, thanks. Wish Motu and ffado were better friends, but Echo and Focussrite and Edirol gear look fine.

But anyway - jack uses ALSA as a backend? How does it drop the latency down then? Just by running it ‘better’ than the alsa daemon could?

Oh, also - since the juce jack code is based on yours (thank you), did you get a chance to check the main branch version yet?


alsa is extremely low-level. There should be no latency issues using alsa, at least as long as you understand the API fully (which can be a challenge…).
Don’t know what you mean by “alsa daemon” etc either. Maybe you are thinking about pulseaudio or something similar?