[OTHER] Multimedia libraries

I strongly believe that collaboration between projects could benefit all.

So here’s some links that may help to establish connections with multimedia-libraries’ projects:
[]libVLC - need to say more?[/]
[]Open Computer Vision Library - 500 algorithms, documentation and sample code for real time computer vision.[/]
[]Cinder - a powerful, intuitive toolbox for programming graphics, audio, video, networking, image processing and computational geometry.[/]
[]The VXL Project - A multi-platform collection of C++ software libraries for Computer Vision and Image Understanding.[/]
[]CLAM - a full-fledged software framework for research and application development in the Audio and Music Domain.[/]
[]Openlibraries - a powerful, cross-platform set of C++ libraries that provide developers with key components for the development of rich media applications.[/]
[]PIAVE - a render and effect engine;[/][/list]

…and more interesting links here.