Outline of Equator style menu widget implementation?

Please could someone outline how to go about achieving something like Equator’s GUI menu:

Is it (likely to be) a DrawableButton which shows a PopupMenu (with a custom LookAndFeel) populated from an ApplicationCommandManager?

Any advice as to how to elegantly do this much appreciated as I’m about to write something similar. If anyone can point me towards any code examples that’d be great!

I’m also intrigued to know how the darkening of background components whilst the menu is modal might be implemented - will the menu component simply occupy the full bounds of the plugin interface?

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The menus are not JUCE menus but custom components. In fact, when opening a menu, a component is created and enters a modal state. The component overlays the whole window area and draws a semi transparent dark colour. The menu is another subcomponent of this component which is derived from JUCE’s ListBox.


Many thanks @Fabian for the explanation!

Do the menu’s commands get populated from another class (e.g. ApplicationCommandManager), or are the commands implemented directly within the menu component itself?

It’s implemented directly within the menu. But just because it’s in Equator does not mean it’s necessarily the best way to do it.

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