Over 900 errors on newly created project?

I just created a new project and there are already over 900 error messages. Some of the error types that I get are:

E0771 'explicit' is not allowed
E0441 argument list for variable template "std::_PGLOBAL" is missing
E1696 cannot open source file "*insert file name*"
E0135 class template "std::_Locbase<_Dummy>" has no member "*insert name*"

How do I fix this?

Which platform? Which compiler? What type of project did you try and make?

Platform is Win10 and project is a Synth plugin. I have no idea of the compiler, though…

How can you have no idea of the compiler? What exporter are you selecting? I would assume Visual Studio, since you’re on Windows. Are you perhaps not selecting the exporter (at the top, under “Selected exporter”), and it’s trying to open Xcode or something? What are the steps you are using to create the new project? It sounds to me like you’re simply not following the expected steps to create a new project, or you don’t have a version of Visual Studio that is valid for using with your version of Projucer.

It’s all too easy with multiple installations of visual studio and different visual studio version exporters in Projucer to open the wrong version project in the wrong version IDE… double check that, and if this is first time using JUCE, I suggest to open/compile the example projects to validate your tools.