Overhaul of UI


Since a lot of users seem to be comfortable with breaking changes if they bring progress, are there any plans to eventually overhaul the UI?

For example, tree views and list views and their models could need a redesign. They seem overly complex and don’t benefit much from inheritance. I thought items could probably be implemented as child components, which would eliminate much of the awkward hit testing and other redundant code. Nesting components doesn’t seem costly at all. They could be used more often to structure UI elements at lower levels, instead of re-coding geometry over and over again.

Actually I like most of the current components very much. IMHO however, every component should require a Positioner, of which there can be a variety of subtypes ranging from Rectangle (default) to LayoutFrame and FlexBox. This will ensure upwards compatibility with responsive layouts. In addition to Positioners, components could also use a unified API that layout & styling frameworks can attach to.

As we are at it, it would be great if all emerging layout & styling solutions (also by ROLI) could be provided as modules. Doing a UI framework is absolutely non-trivial, takes time and is prone to errors and dead ends that require a redo. Modules will allow for multiple solutions to evolve and coexist. They will also enable evolution of the UI w/o breaking existing code.