Overlapping Regions

If two regions overlap in Tracktion what are the rules about what gets played?

They all get played. There are some options to apply cross fades.

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Reviving this thread – sorry about that.

Is there a way for AudioTrack’s to auto-trim overlapping audio clips ?

No, it’s just the way its done in TE that both play. That’s how you get crossfades between clips.
You’d have to watch for clip moves and trim them yourself.

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Sounds good. I can apply the same logic for any kind of clips, as I want a consitent behavior for MIDI clips as well.

I already have a te::ValueTreeAllEventListener on every AudioTrack so I can be notified of clips state changes. I need to check overlapping regions everytime a clip is added, moved, resized or a new clip is being recording on top.

Note : It would be nice to have the same AudioClipBase::getOverlappingClip function available for any kind of Clip too.

It should probably be a templated free function.
I think it needs to be able to specify the type of clip for cross-fade purposes but if you weren’t interested in that you could just pass the Clip base class.

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