Overwriting CoreAudio files

Hello folks!

I'm new to JUCE and am trying to set up for the first time.

I'm trying to create a folder as described: Applications/XCode.app/contents/Developer/ called Extras, and copy the CoreAudio folder into this new folder. But how do I create a foler within an application??

Also, I have downloaded the February 2012 Kit and am trying to overwrite as described in the tutorial page but it wont let me overwrite even though I have write permissions as admin of the computer?




Any ideas?  I really want to get to work.

Thanks in advance.


Right-click on the Xcode application and select "Show Package Contents..." to open the application bundle.

there is now the possibility to define a core-audio sdk path in the introjucer, i think this should be preferred instead of patching the x-code package. Also there are newer files as the one from the february 2012 package.

If you use this link https://developer.apple.com/library/mac/samplecode/CoreAudioUtilityClass...

then --> Download Sample Code, and you get the current headers.....

( Please correct me, if i am wrong?!?)

The tutorial (which one did you use) should be updated.