PACE needs help

Had some more issues with PACE signing today.

I’m curious – now that JUCE is owned by PACE – is PACE interested in any feedback from this community?

Pretty much anyone serious here needs to interact with PACE, is PACE aware almost all of us have serious issues with PACE and find it a PITA the use?

Protools partnership with PACE on signing is an amazing opportunity for PACE to introduce new developers to their technology and showcase itself – currently it acts almost as a smear campaign turning every developer off of PACE and wishing to never interact with their technology.

How is that sustainable?


I find it very frustrating and disappointing that PACE doesn’t provide CMake support.

Honestly they need a competitor to make them care, imho. At the moment it’s the only option that basically never gets cracked. With all its issues, it’s still the best option.

A dedicated forum for people who have entered the NDA would be great.


If you have problems with the Pace tools contact them via their support line. I’ve always found them to be helpful.

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They are helpful - but it’s not nearly as helpful as having things well documented or seeing answers to questions others have already posted!

The amount of time wasted in sending emails back and forth is incredibly frustrating, and must surely be a waste of resources for PACE?

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Totally the PACE team are super helpful and nice — but without knowing what’s next on their roadmap and what direction they’re taking things it’s pretty much a no go for me.

That’s why I’m curious if they’re ever going to show up here! I kinda hoped / assumed that them acquiring JUCE meant they would also pop up on this forum in some capacity.

No problem if not but it seems like a no brainer since this is basically a forum of their potential customers they could talk to directly and get feedback,

Not trying to knock PACE anymore than saying that I think there’s a lot of built up feedback which has no formal outlet (that I’ve seen)


It is indeed a barrier to have to write an email, and not being able to search a knowledgebase, as we engineers are trained to do.

There used to be a useful digidesign forum, but it moved to some absolutely horrible thing at avid that might as well be deleted.

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That’s true, and Rob Meyers had good advice there too.

But unless PACE considers themselves just an appendix to AVID, you cannot assume every PACE customer looks at AVID.

Just in case I come across wrong, I always get great help from the PACE support when I email them.
But reading up somewhere makes one feel less stupid.

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Yeah Sergio at PACE has always been really quick. But i’d much rather log into a forum and just search for the solution, and/or discover everyone else has the same problem and we can all moan together.


Not true. They get cracked as well.


I think they were cracked once in the past 3 years? All I can say is the one product you can’t just google a torrent for of ours is the one that we used fusion on.

Note I said ‘basically’ never, I’ll take once every few years as a win in this world.

Some of the latest I’ve seen in recent months: iZotope/Exponential Audio, Melodyne, Sonible, Slate, Softube (last year).

Anyway, the majority of the times that our build system fails is due to wraptool: their server has an issue, or we need to re-sync, or sometimes even remove/reconnect the dongle. And when we are traveling, bringing the dongle just to build for AAX is just a pain. Sorry for the rant.


I whole heartedly agree regarding the implementation being a pretty large overhead in the development pipeline. My point is until there is a real competitor, we can bitch and moan all we want and it doesn’t really matter. Monopolies are bad for the consumer!

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Personally I like asking a specific question and receiving a specific answer that I know is still relevant and addresses the actual problem I’ve asked. That said, some people prefer self-service, fair enough - so have any of you in that category emailed them to ask whether they would be prepared to set one up and discuss why you think it’s a good idea? It’s not going to happen here in a public forum because the tech is all under NDA for fairly obvious reasons, but in a secure private forum as we have from some other vendors? They might be up for that. They’re going to be at ADC, so you could even ask in person.

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Cannot really say they are monopolists though.
There are other options out there.
And many don’t use iLok at all (waves, native instruments, etc…).
Just that the better protection the system usually delivers, the less maintainable it becomes.
It’s a bit of a trade-off. And all though cracked, I do believe it’s the ‘safest’ option out there afaik.