Packages / post script & AudioComponentRegistrar

Anyone else finding that running a post flight script:

sudo killall -9 AudioComponentRegistrar

in the latest Monterey release has suddenly stopped working and throws an error screen? It was working fine until the latest Monterey update.

This is using Packages 1.2.10

EDIT: Actually seems to be working again with Monterey 12.6.3 released today.



Uh that’s a bit concerning, but it’s good it seems fixed. It would be nice to have a solution that just fails without error screen should this happen again with some macOS update. I looked it up and I’m using a slightly different script I got from this forum.


pgrep -x AudioComponentRegistrar >/dev/null && killall -9 AudioComponentRegistrar
exit 0

I don’t need sudo as my installers need admin anyway. The && will call killall only if there really is a process called AudioComponentRegistrar. When calling it manually from terminal I sometimes notice that there was no such process at the time… maybe that’s what causes your error. It seems more likely to happen just after a system restart.