Paint() while bypass or Stop

Hello, i figured out that my paint() method is not executed while 1)DAW is on pause or 2)my plugin is bypass.
could fix it somehow?

**excuse me for my mistake.
it IS being executed, but some labels and some images dont take the changes that should happen.

Many hosts stop sending audio callbacks to plugins immediately after playback is paused. This can cause UIs to stall since they aren’t receiving any new data from the audio thread.

For example, if a meter does all its calculations and ballistics in the audio thread, on pause the meter will just freeze since there’s no new audio data coming in and therefore nothing new for the GUI to display.

Is it possible this is what’s happening?

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yea, the audio processor parameters freeze on bypass or DAW pause

  • if you’re using AudioProcessorValueTreeState look at its listener class. it will be called always which is great so you can easily update states if needed. (also the Attachments of it will do the work for you).
    Other alternative is implement listeners of your own to each parameter set callback.
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