Panel-free Multidocument?



Hi there!

I enjoy Juce very much so far, but there’s this point I don’t get further.
Searches lead me to multi-threading, Z-order issues, but I can’t find answers for my needs.

I’m trying to write a GUI app, consisting of one control window (view, panel, document, component - just pick a name) and one or more content elements, that should be spreadable on the Desktop.
MultiDocumentPanel you say, BUT:

I need it not to be inside a master component, because multiple screens of maybe different resolutions may occur.
I don’t find a overall fullscreen window would be a nice solution.

I’m thinking of it like the graphic tool “GIMP” where you have one window where the image is, and some other toolboxes in their own windows.

I tried using just three ResizableWindows (without a main window):
I ended up with three icons in the taskbar, and I needed to bring them back to front separately after clicking the “main” window. that’s way too independent :wink:

I must admit I’m still a bit confused about this “Mainwindow+MainContentComponent” thing, and it makes the arrangement of all three quite difficult as setBoundsRelative() has different results with the “main” component.

What objects shall I use, or how should I modify them?

I hope I made it clear enough…

Thanks in advance! :relaxed: