Parallel using of VST PlugIn in Reaper

Hey guys, 

I have a Problem with my VST PlugIn on Reaper.  I connect the Roland Edirol UA-101 on my PC and can use it with Reaper. 
The big Problem is that I want to set on each channel (input)  my VST PlugIn. In sum I have got 4 Inputs (you can see that on the Image).

The Problem is I have one Plugin.dll and he write some junk in the logger. They dont work synchronous and make some shit.

I need some function which can check whether the PlugIn needs to generate one more Object 

OR check if a plugin exists then create a new one AND DONT WORK ON THE SAME NAMESPACE,MEMORY. 

(Maybe the picture will explain my Problem better)

I hope that somebody can help me. 


You don't have any control over that, and all hosts will load a single instance of the DLL for multiple plugin instances, because that's the most efficient way to do it. But unless you write terrible code full of global variables, then you shouldn't have any problems.

Thank you

The problem was that i used static Variables -.-