Parameter cannot be automated and only ranges from 0 to 1

I have an AudioParameterFloat that has been added to the AudioProcessor with addParameter(). When opening up the control by itself, in FL Studio, I can control it and everything is functional that way. However, when creating an automation clip, the parameter only picks up the first value and does not automate the rest.

Additionally, and this may be related, my parameter, even though it has values between 0 and 30, only allows me to change between 0 and 1.

How are you controlling the parameter? Do you have a UI? Is this only in FL Studio?

This is in FL Studio. In the file view under “Current Project,” then under “Generators,” is my synth. Under that I see my parameter and can open a dialog to change it. I also have a UI and that works as well. Adjusting the parameter adjusts the UI and vice versa.

I compared my synth to Massive, and it appears FL Studio only sends values of 0 to 1, as a way to send percentages. This suggests to make all parameters work on 0 to 1. I wonder if this is good practice.

The parameters for Massive do automate, however, so there’s something different there.

During automation, setValue(float), valueChanged(float), and getValue() are not called.

When changing the parameter using FL Studio’s control, manually, setValue(float) is called. Also, when clicking “play” or when the track restarts, similarly, setValue(float) is called.