Parameter name list not being populated sometimes

We’ve discovered that if we load the Crystal plugin (Green Oaks), we’re not seeing the parameter names. This was reported by someone using our product on Windows.

I tried it on my Mac and found the same problem (with both AU and VST formats)

For the AU version, I traced the code into and the result of the AudioUnitGetProperty call (with property kAudioUnitProperty_ParameterInfo) has empty strings. In particular, the test
info.flags & kAudioUnitParameterFlag_HasCFNameString)
is false and so we just get an empty string. However, Apple Mainstage (for example) lists all the parameter names just fine so those names definitely exist.
Any idea why this might be happening?

Sigh — turns out that Crystal exposes 768 parameters but only a tiny subset of them actually do anything and are named. So unless one looks really hard it looks like parameter names aren’t being retrieved.

I’ve no idea if there’s any way to delete questions but it’s probably better to leave it up in case somebody else runs into the same issue.