Parameters for browser plugin



does anybody happen to know how to read parameters in Juce browser plugin ?

Like this:

I did not find anything from API or examples.

I thank very much about any ray of light given to this shed.


I didn’t add anything to pass them across - what I’ve done in plugins that I’ve written is to just use a javascript call to initialise the plugin and pass it whatever info it needs. If you really need the parameters and want to attempt adding it to the NPAPI and ActiveX wrapper classes, please let me know how you get on!


Okay, it’s then easier to make a javascript function which returns all the needed parameters for plugin.

As background, my plugin needs to be instantiated with some custom parameters depending on which HTML page it’s plumbed in. That’s why I was wondering this.

thanks for the response !



oh no, this is going to be pain in the ass. Plugin needs params immediately when it starts, but javascript can register a callback function only after plugin already is instantiated and running.

I think I really need those params, but touching Juce internals is currently way beyond my skills… :mrgreen: . I’ve spent too many many years with managed code which destroys ones brains.


Sorry - I’m busy on other code areas at the moment, you’d have to get stuck in and have a go yourself if you want to add that…


I understand clearly that you have limited time and must prioritize development !

However, the more I think this (from browser plugin developer point of view) I see that passing of params is essential feature. I would like to do the job, but I should have 15 years C++ experience before trying. I’m trying to figure out some workaround to survive.