Patch for images in LowLevelGraphicsPostScriptRenderer



Patch for LowLevelGraphicsPostScriptRenderer that makes:

  • Images added faster
  • More compatible with many postscripts analyzer (Ghostscript...)


Ok.. erm, thanks..

But you seem to have deleted all the code that checks the pixel format of the image (!)

This code will completely bomb if you pass it anything with a different pixel format or endianness to whatever it is that you were testing it with..

You are not going to print in alpha, aren't you ?

Just came to this post, and I think you might reconsider it by changing this line:

+ const Image & im = img.isARGB() ? img.convertedToFormat(Image::RGB) : img;


+ const Image & im = img.convertedToFormat(Image::RGB);

From my own testing, the postscript rendering done with the actual code does not work when the picture is bigger than 256x256px

The patched code here seems to deal with such picture correctly, and is, actually 100x faster for printing a 2048x1024 pixels picture.

It's not perfect, but a good working base to start improving the actual code, isn't it ?