Patch for small bug in NPAPI Glue code for Win32

If a user resizes a small window to full screen by double clicking the firefox titlebar, the WM_WINDOWPOSCHANGING message is not sent but the WM_WINDOWPOSCHANGED message is. This patch just makes sure that both events trigger a resize and repaint.

diff --git a/extras/browser plugins/wrapper/juce_NPAPI_GlueCode.cpp b/extras/bro
index e19a93c…e3cd0a6 100644
— a/extras/browser plugins/wrapper/juce_NPAPI_GlueCode.cpp
+++ b/extras/browser plugins/wrapper/juce_NPAPI_GlueCode.cpp
@@ -355,6 +355,7 @@ private:
return 1;

  •           case WM_WINDOWPOSCHANGED:^M
           if ((((WINDOWPOS*) lParam)->flags & SWP_NOSIZE) == 0)
               BrowserPluginHolderComponent* const comp = (BrowserPluginHolder

Sorry but linefeed and whitespace issues mean that patch wont work as is. Its dead simple though and should be obvious how to apply it. Is there a better way to push changes like this upstream?

Thanks! Don’t worry about the formatting, I can see what you changed.

In fact, I prefer not to get automated patches, because that involves applying someone else’s unknown code to my own codebase before I get a chance to see what’s in there. I always go through any changes by hand anyway (usually rewriting them), so if you’ve only changed a line or two, just show me what they are and I’ll get it from that.