Patch for VST3 kSpeakerTc/kSpeakerTm


Please find attached a patch for the VST3 build error on kSpeakerTc/kSpeakerTm (Juce ‘develop’ branch).

JuceVST3kSpeakerTc.patch.txt (1.7 KB)


What’s the best way to submit patches? this way? github’s pull requests? …


Either way is fine - we can’t take github pull requests directly (both for legal reasons and because nobody ever submits code that meets our standards…), but they’re a handy way of giving us the gist of what your changes are. Or a diff. Or whatever you like, really!


OK it’s on develop now.


IMHO this would have been better applied directly on master, and then merged in develop: it is a “trivial” fix, with no side effects, and having to fast forward to the tip just to get this compatibility fix seems overkill.

Just my two cents, I personally could do a cherry-pick because I’m using a private JUCE repo anyway, but I am thinking for the people who are referring the JUCE repo directly


Yes you are right. We’ll be merging develop into master soon anyway but we should have put this on master straight away. I’ll cherry pick this one to master.